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ECTACO jetBook Now Delivered With Free Premium Title

ECTACO jetBook Now Delivered With Free Premium Title


The world’s most popular e-Book reader has just gotten a whole lot more practical with the inclusion of the Fodor’s Travel Guide. A premium title that makes visiting some of travelers’ most popular destinations an experience to remember, the ECTACO jetBook e-Book Reader now not only lets you carry around a complete library but also helps you get the most out of any trip you take. Quickly becoming a bestseller since its introduction earlier this year, jetBook has taken the e-Book world by storm. Offering users the ability to carry around a complete library – literally thousands of e-Books – jetBook is the first of its kind to also include optional translating dictionaries that make it the fastest way to learn languages. The inclusion of Fodor’s Travel guide now makes jetBook the only book you’ll ever need when traveling. By providing the insights and tools needed to enjoy exactly the trip you always dreamed of, jetBook readers now have instant access to hotel listings, recommended restaurants, must-see sights, the best shopping, extensive transportation links and the hottest nightlife – all the most up-to-date information on what to see, do and eat wherever their journey takes them.

Find out more about the remarkable ECTACO jetBook e-Book Reader here.

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