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Site news

Site news archive 2009

29.12.2009    ECTACO presents the newest electronic dictionary for German and Spanish speakers!
 We are glad to inform you about our latest release - the German <-> Spanish ECTACO Partner DS500 which has been specifically designed for German and Spanish speakers wanting to get immediate bidirectional translation of words and phrases.

17.12.2009    Latest release from ECTACO! New English <-> Japanese taking electronic dictionary and phrasebook!
 Get an instant translation of any word with the newest English <-> Japanese ECTACO Partner EJ500 talking electronic dictionary! It has never been easier to learn a foreign language before.

09.12.2009    Going to the Ukraine? Take along our new English <-> Ukrainian speaking electronic translator!
 We have lately released the most sophisticated English <-> Ukrainian ECTACO Partner EUa900 DeluxeTalking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook with Handheld Scanner that is sure to become your true companion in language studies or while travelling to the Ukraine.

26.11.2009    Client's Feedback ’How Far Are We Down This Road?’
 I have an Arab friend. His name is Khalid. Khalid is a visually impaired person and an excellent artist. He does wonderful things with clay. Khalid lives and works in Algiers, the capital of Algeria. We have known each for several years and always spoke French, second official language after Arabic in Algeria. Khalid knows a bit of English, but not enough to keep a conversation. Since he decided to visit his uncle in Chicago, he needed some sort of translator to help him get around. He couldn’t afford a real one, so he turned to me asking for help in finding a gadget that would help him communicate in the States.

13.11.2009    The new generation 9-language ECTACO Partner 900 series translator has been released!
 We are happy to present the latest multilingual electronic translator containing the most popular European and Middle Eastern languages - ECTACO Partner 9ME900AK Deluxe Multilingual Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook.

06.11.2009    Choose the languages to learn with our new ECTACO multilingual talking electronic dictionary!
 We are proud to bring to your attention our new multilingual ECTACO/Partner 500AL talking electronic dictionary which gives you a unique opportunity to study the language you want. The new dictionary model is fully customizable and allows swapping the languages by simply downloading the vocabulary base of your choice.

27.10.2009    ECTACO Inc. releases the most affordable eBook Reader – the jetBook-Lite
 Long Island City, NY, October 27 2009.

ECTACO Inc., a New York based company best known for their budget series of jetBook eBook readers, hand-held electronic translators, and translating software have launched the most affordable eBook reader available on the market - the ECTACO jetBook-Lite, with an MSRP of $149. The product was unveiled to the public at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany earlier this month.

21.10.2009    New affordable English <-> Greek speaking electronic dictionary!
 We are happy to inform you that our new English <-> Greek 500 series talking dictionary has been released. The new handy ECTACO Partner EG500 makes it a real pleasure studying a foreign language and will help you find and translate the word you need in a matter of seconds.

The new model represents the most affordable solution for language learners featuring a user-friendly interface which allows operating the device easily and includes a comprehensive vocabulary base providing synthesized voice output for all English and Greek entries. The Partner EG500 is expandable and you can easily get another language card in case if you decide to study a different language in the future. Other useful features such as a Look-up function, a Word Recognition utility and our award-winning Vector Ultima™ spell-checker have also been included as well as exciting language learning games which help you memorize new words as you play.

09.10.2009    ECTACO’s most comprehensive electronic device for English speakers learning Chinese!
 Looking for a handy translating machine to help you learn Chinese? Our English <-> Chinese ECTACO Partner EC900 is the most powerful device ever released specially designed to learn and communicate in Chinese!

If you plan to travel to China soon and really have no need to learn the language the Partner EC900 will perform as an effective text translator allowing typing in any sentence in English in order to have it translated into Chinese and vice versa. The current version has a user-friendly bilingual interface which can be easily used by English and Chinese native speakers. The most extensive PhraseBook containing more than 14,000 commonly used phrases provides immediate bidirectional translations and lets you hear each phrase spoken out in Chinese Mandarin in a real human voice.

22.09.2009    Culminating 20 years of research and development, Ectaco releases the first 13-language, two-way Communication System, Language Teacher and Translator which makes you feel at home away from home!
 Long Island City, NY, September 17, 2009 – After 20 years of research and development in the field of language translation and learning technologies, Ectaco Inc. announces its major breakthrough – a 13-language communication system Partner®P900/13 with more than a 7 million word dictionary, 91,000 phrases via Audio PhraseBook, Full Text Translation, learning tools, entertainment features, and a full navigation system to feel yourself at home in any part of the world!

After decades of nonstop experiments and analysis, Ectaco Inc. can say that the new Partner®P900/13 gives an unparalleled opportunity to learn new languages using highly efficient speech recognition and correction techniques. Developed by professional linguists and psychologists, Partner®P900/13 includes English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian(Farsi), Polish, Portuguese and Russian and is expandable to up to 80 languages.

18.09.2009    ECTACO releases new electronic dictionaries for Polish and Russian!
 Looking for an affordable electronic dictionary for Polish or Russian? The newest ECTACO Partner 500 series models are exactly what you need. The English <-> Polish ECTACO Partner EP500 and the English <-> Russian ECTACO Partner ER500 will meet your highest expectations for the lowest possible price.

11.09.2009    The most powerful English <-> Vietnamese speaking electronic translator ever released!
 We are happy to bring to your attention our latest release – the most advanced English <-> Vietnamese ECTACO Partner EV900 Deluxe Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook with Handheld Scanner.

This top-notch translating machine includes the most extensive vocabulary of over 967,000 entries featuring real human voice output of all English words and phrases. The device comes with the scanning pen which can be used to scan any word in English in order to have it converted into Vietnamese once attached to the translator. The new model contains over 14,000 commonly used phrases which can be translated both ways and spoken out loud in a real human voice as recorded by native speakers. The Speech Recognition system included on the unit allows speaking any of these phrases in English in order to have them recognized, translated and spoken out loud in Vietnamese.

04.09.2009    A long-awaited electronic translating machine for Dutch learners!
 Learning Dutch has never been easier with the newest English <-> Dutch ECTACO Partner EDu900 Deluxe Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook with Handheld Scanner.

28.08.2009    Travel with confidence using ECTACO GPS Receiver on your electronic translator!
 ECTACO has come up with a tiny GPS tracking device suited for Partner 900 and iTRAVL NTL series electronic translators that makes travelling to any destination an easy and enjoyable experience.

This top-notch ECTACO GPS Receiver allows getting directions in the most popular European languages as well as in Chinese, Arabic and many others. The smart gadget lets you record its own position, time, date, speed, heading and altitude so you never get lost. All you need is to input your destination and the device will do the rest for you!

21.08.2009    New English <-> Swedish talking electronic dictionary – your true assistant in language studies!
 We are proud to present our new English <-> Swedish electronic talking dictionary allowing learning a foreign language quickly and effectively. The new affordable ECTACO Partner ESw500 is sure to become your true companion whether you are reading a book in a foreign language or studying it in depth.

14.08.2009    Top of the range English <-> Romanian translator with scanning pen!

A long-awaited ECTACO hi-end English <-> Romanian electronic translator with scanning capabilities is finally here. The new generation ECTACO Partner ERm900 Deluxe combines many indispensable learning features the most demanding user might need.

07.08.2009    The 2nd generation iTRAVL communicator for translation and language learning!

A release of the most powerful 2nd generation ECTACO iTRAVL communicator is a real step ahead in translation technology. The new ECTACO iTRAVL Alpine NTL-6W Talking 2-way Multilingual Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary not only allows translating any text you want, but also lets you learn a foreign language quickly and effectively. The new machine is equipped with the world's most powerful Speech Recognition and Text Translation systems covering the following languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

16.07.2009    Top of the range multilingual Partner 900 series electronic translator!

Thanks to constant product development, ECTACO continues to surprise the market with even more sophisticated electronic translating machines. The newest release is the multilingual Partner 900 series electronic translator specifically designed to include the most popular European languages. The new ECTACO Partner EW900 Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook translates from English into French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, and vice versa.

10.07.2009    A cost-effective solution for language learners - new English <-> Persian (Farsi) electronic translator from our budget series!
 Our new English <-> Persian (Farsi) ECTACO Partner EFa500T Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook with an easy to read LCD display is quite affordable and comes equipped with various learning resources which makes it very attractive these days.

03.07.2009    A unique English <-> Italian translating machine with scanning pen has been released!

Meet our brand-new English <-> Italian talking electronic translator and handheld scanner ECTACO Partner EI900 Deluxe.

This fantastic machine encompasses a whole range of translating and language learning tools meeting the highest expectations of anyone learning the language or traveling abroad. The new Partner EI900 Deluxe is equipped with the handheld scanning pen allowing to scan any printed text in English or Italian from any paper surface and to get an immediate translation once you upload the scanned text. You may also type in any text in English using a regular keyboard in order to have it translated into Italian and vice versa.

26.06.2009    Never Accept Second Best
 It’s a well-known fact. The world of international business is a minefield of pitfalls that can have a negative impact on your ability to expand your business. Not only are there various protectionist policies that make it difficult to break into new markets but also lots of unwritten rules that can impede your progress. One of them is the language barrier. People feel more comfortable doing business in their own language and if you aren’t able to make your potential clients feel at ease, chances are your business will suffer. But Ectaco is here to help level the playing field by providing you with the tools you need to make a lasting impression and grow your business at the same time.

11.06.2009    Around the World with Ectaco
 With the recent decrease in fuel prices, round-the-world plane tickets are once again becoming affordable. Imagine visiting all the continents on a single trip! But what do you do when you get off the plane? How can you ever learn all the words and phrases you'll need to communicate accurately and effectively? The answer is the amazing 15-language ECTACO Partner XL-1500 Multilingual Talking Dictionary!

04.06.2009    An Electronic Dictionary The World Has Never Seen Before
 A brand-new translation and language learning handheld has just been released by award-winning ECTACO, Inc to make traveling, studying and especially learning a language easier and more fun than ever L.I.C., NY, May 25th 2009 – The absolute leader in portable electronic translation and language learning Ectaco, Inc. has just announced the release of their new Partner 900 series of devices. Promising to revolutionize foreign-language communication, they are already poised to become the top-selling electronic dictionary and phrasebook of the year.

29.05.2009    Summer Discoveries with Ectaco and iTRAVL
 Summers were made for discoveries. And what better discovery is there than realizing that you can speak another language as easily as your own? Built to make every trip you take a completely new adventure, Ectaco iTRAVL is not only the perfect way to begin communicating in another language but is also unbeatable at letting you immerse yourself in another culture.

22.05.2009    France Without Barriers
 Crossing the channel may be a cheap option for the summer holidays this year but what about the language that you'll have to speak when you get there? Fear of misunderstanding has stopped many a would-be traveller from taking the plunge into another culture and kept more travellers at home than you would expect. But that doesn't have to be the case any longer.

08.05.2009    Engrave Your Partner 900 Today!
 An exclusive new service has just been added for all Partner 900 devices – the hottest new handheld translator from ECTACO. Now you can really stand out from the crowd by adding a special message to the cover of your Partner device. Use the unique service to make your special gift even more personal or to remind yourself of just how special you are!

30.04.2009    Take Charge with the Partner 500
 Now available for immediate delivery, the new Partner 500 series from ECTACO provides the resources you need at a price that can’t be beat. Absolutely bursting with everything you need to understand the world around you in other languages, Partner 500 devices deliver the essential utilities that make all your communication effective.

24.04.2009    New iTRAVL 2009 Unveiled
 After months of research and feedback from current iTRAVL owners, Ectaco has just unveiled iTRAVL 2009. Incorporating loads of new features and upgrades, the award-winning handheld that became an instant success on its release last year is set to revolutionize communication once again. Available for English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, with more languages to be announced soon, the new iTRAVL 2009 is a sophisticated travel and study language companion that you hold in the palm of your hand.

17.04.2009    Trade-In Deals Only From Ectaco
 Now until April 30th, Ectaco is making it easier and more affordable than ever before to own its sophisticated new 900 and 850 Series devices. By offering customers an opportunity to exchange their old handheld dictionaries for the latest Ectaco models at a significant savings, the Ectaco Trade-in Program lets anyone get their dream translator at a fraction of the retail price.

10.04.2009    New iTRAVL Updates Unveiled
 The iTRAVL NTL-2J English <-> Japanese Talking 2-way Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary is the first in the popular and award-winning line of iTRAVL language communicators to get updates that make the already unbeatable device absolutely unstoppable. Now smarter and easier to use than ever, the addition of new utilities such as an intuitive 39 Language talking Picture Dictionary with pronunciation for all its entries adds dozens of new languages to the device while new True Voice human pronunciation technology makes iTRAVL speech output clearer and even more comprehensible.

06.04.2009    Communicate Around the World
 With Portuguese being spoken on 2 continents – Europe and South America – there are twice as many reasons to pick up the brand-new ECTACO Partner EPg500T - English <-> Portuguese Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook. A sophisticated bilingual translating dictionary, it has been created to let users understand and be understood instantly.

25.03.2009    Ectaco SpeechGuard Tops the 400 Agency Mark
 Orange County Fire and Rescue's purchase of SpeechGuard makes them the 400th agency to benefit from handheld speech-to-speech communication NEW YORK, March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- For almost 20 years as developers and manufacturers of linguistic products, Ectaco has benefited millions of people worldwide to overcome language barriers. Due to enhanced interest and efforts of law enforcement agencies around the country, many have turned to Ectaco's SpeechGuard as an effective communication tool. The handheld speech-to-speech device was initially requested by the Department of Defense to be developed for translation use by the military. It has subsequently become used by many including law enforcement and Homeland Security agencies throughout the United States.

06.02.2009    Three Mighty Languages – One Powerful Device
 Now put the power of three of the world’s most important and influential languages to work for you with the ECTACO Partner EGR530T English <-> German <-> Russian - Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook. All-new and ready for action, the Partner EGR530T is a trilingual translating dictionary that will let you understand and communicate instantly in English, German and Russian. Complete with the linguistic resources that make this reliable, portable handheld the perfect companion for anyone who needs accurate translations, the EGR530T contains a massive 650,000 word talking translating dictionary plus 21,000 instantly accessible phrases that can all be spoken aloud using sophisticated TTS (Text-To-Speech) voice synthesis.

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