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Site news

Site news archive 2013

17.10.2013    NEW UPDATE - Ectaco Universal Translator UT Lite and non-Lite apps for Android
 Whether you're multilingual, trying to learn a foreign language, or just want to travel Europe, America and Asia, you will face no difficulty switching easily between languages available in this application. We added more Asian languages: Yue, the Chinese dialects Wu, Hakka, Hokkien, and also the Baluchi language. Romanized translations presented for "complex" languages, in addition to native script, will help you speak the translation right off.

13.08.2013    Ectaco Reinvents the Electronic Talking Translator with the Partner LUX 2®
 Representing a new generation of Electronic Communications and Travel Technology, the Ectaco® Partner LUX 2® is the most powerful & robust talking interpreter to simplify communication ever released. With its unique features, flexibility and great capacity for customization, the Partner LUX 2® is an indispensable tool for anyone who encounters people with limited or no English speaking ability.

26.07.2013    Ectaco, Inc. Debuts NEW SpeechGuard TLX - Bringing World Travel Technology to the Forefront
 July 25, 2013. Long Island City, NY. Fast, Efficient, and Powerful: The SpeechGuard is the world’s only professional voice translator, smartphone and travel assistant. A joint effort in development between Ectaco, Inc. and the US military yielded SpeechGuard, it has been molded into civilian friendly version, model TLX. The SpeechGuard benefits many businesses, professionals, and individuals throughout the world.

01.07.2013    NEW PRODUCT - Ectaco Speechguard PDX - Police Voice Translator and Rugged Smartphone
 It's a very exciting time here at Ectaco! On Tuesday June 25th we officially announced a New SpeechGuard PDX at the Police Security Expo In Atlantic City NJ.

16.04.2013    Fun and Entertaining Ectaco Vocabulary Builder Apps for Android
 Check out the great new language learning app from Ectaco – Vocabulary Builder for Android, bringing the well-known game of hangman to a new level. This is a perfect aid for those studying a foreign language and wanting to enrich vocabulary. This can all be done while playing a fun and entertaining game on your Android phone.

13.03.2013    The First-ever Language Learning Crossword Puzzle Apps for Android
 Meet the first-ever multilingual Ectaco Crosswords for Android - a perfect tool which combines the fun and entertaining process of solving puzzles with language learning on your Android phone.

21.02.2013    Brand New Ectaco U-Learn Apps for Android - Your Personal Language Tutor
 Ectaco is happy to present a brand new set of language learning apps for Android – Ectaco U-Learn which is specifically designed for those who want to learn any language on the go.

06.02.2013    Ectaco Releases Free Universal Translator Software Apps for All Android Devices
 Ectaco Inc., the world leader in language translation and learning technology, is proud to present a whole suite of free apps for Android which does not require an Internet connection and allows instant bi-directional translation between different languages.

22.01.2013    Double your reading speed with Ectaco English Speed Reading for Android!
 Ectaco is happy to present the perfect system for those who want to read and understand text at blazing speeds– the English Speed Reading App for Android provides an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use training suite.

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