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Who uses our products How to find what you want

Who uses ECTACO products

These are a few of the letters we received from our customers. We think it's likely that you have the same needs as one or more of them.

You are welcome to read these stories and learn about the many possible uses for ECTACO products. Find out which one will benefit you best!

My wife would like Spanish software which has dictionary, synonyms, antonyms and a translator all combined. Which of your software do you recommend? And what portable handheld do you suggest for such a software?
Oscar Alvarez
Dear Mr. Alvarez,
As far as software, you may see our English <-> Spanish Dictionaries, FlashCards and PhraseBooks for Palm, Pocket PC or Smartphones. The choice of handheld is totally up to you. However, if you want a real portable language assistant dedicated to English and Spanish, our suggestion is the ES-X5 or the ES400T electronic dictionaries.

Dear Sir,
Could you please send information to me as to your prices for translators as my wife is Thai and she wants to learn English.
Yours Sincerely,
Dear Mr. Perrott,
We would rather recommend you the CYBERDICT V. This is one of the best talking Thai <-> English <-> Thai dictionaries with advanced multilingual voice synthesis. It affords spoken language practice and provides a wide selection of English phrases and idioms. And since it is a both ways dictionary, perhaps you will be able to understand her better as well.

Would like to know more about this product before I part with my "hard earned cash"
  1. Is it in English/Russian & Russian/English.
  2. Does voice activated meen if you say a word in English will it repeat it in russian & vice/versa.
  3. My wife (Russian) would like to communicate better here... Is this the best option for her.
  4. What is your return policy if it does not do the job for what we intend.
Regards Graham Roylett
Hello Graham,
  1. Yes, ECTACO English <-> Russian Partner ER586HT is Bilingual English-Russian and Russian-English Talking Full Text Translation System. It provides excellent translation in both directions.
  2. ER586HT cannot recognize speech, but it has high-level English speech reproduction (it will speak out loud any word or sentence you type).
  3. ECTACO Partner translators are great tools for learning language and honing your language skills.
  4. Goods purchased from us can be returned within 7 days from the date of receipt. Products should be returned in the original packaging and without any damage to hardware or software.

Dear Sirs,
I am interested in the above product as I am about to start working in Spain in a senior management position. I am an English graduate and native born English speaker and therefore do not require help learning English. I am fluent in Spanish however I would be buying this as an aid to further develop my commercial and technical Spanish skills and not my English skills.

Your detailed description of this product rather indicated to me that it's primary educational and translational functions are to assist native Spanish speakers to improve their English rather than for English speakers to improve their Spanish skills.

Can you please clarify this point, and with my indicated need in mind, advise whether this would be the most suitable product for my needs or whether you would recommend an alternate model?
David R Bristow F. inst. SMM, L.P.C.S.
Managing Director
Dear David,
English <-> Spanish Bidirectional Talking Translator and Communication System Partner ES-X5 is our best English-Spanish device. This unit is bilingual and can help Spanish people to learn English and English people to communicate in Spanish as well.

On the purchase of Partner ES-X5 we can offer you a discount and the X5 accessory pack as a gift.

Our worldwide tech support team is there to help you with any questions about the device, and a 1 year international warranty is included.

I am studying Mandarin Chinese & would like to buy one of your handheld electronic dictionaries. I am looking at the models Besta CD-828 and the Besta CD-608, however, I have the following queries:
  1. do both models have the function whereby you can search the meaning of a Chinese character by writing into onto the screen?
  2. are the models able to display both long form and short form Chinese characters?
  3. can I buy them from any stores in London or do I need to purchase them from your website?
I would be grateful if you could get back to me asap.
Hi Alex
  1. Only Besta CD-828 has the function that lets you find the meaning of a Chinese character by writing it on the screen.
  2. Both Besta CD-828 and Besta CD-608 can display long form and short form Chinese characters.
  3. We only accept online orders right now. But don't worry - it is not only convenient but also 100% safe to order through

Hello there,

We suggest you check at our English <-> Albanian Bidirectional Talking Dictionary ECTACO Partner EAl400T.

Delivery within the UK is free.

Good Afternoon,
I would like to know about your best, most comprehensive French-English-French electronic dictionary which has speech synthesis in French (not necessarily in English too, though if it does that it isn't a problem).
Can you send me details, or even just the model number - I can look itup on your website.
I need to know the price also, and whether you can deliver to me here in France.
Best Regards
George Hughes
Thank you for your letter.
Please take a look at our English <-> French Talking Dictionary with Bilingual Business Organizer ECTACO Language Teacher EF600T.
Prices vary, but a lot of the time we have Special Deals and seasonal offers, so you are sure to find this particular model. You can subscribe to our newsletter and stay current with all the info on special offers at
We provide free delivery all over Europe.

Dear Sir
I am a language student learning French, Portuguese, And Spanish I am located in London at the moment and was wondering where i could buy the electronic dictionary EE586HT.
P.s. Is there any student discount?
Yours sincerely
John McFarlane
Hi John,
Our special offer for students is a discount of £50 and Software Dictionary Pack for Windows (37 dictionaries for 24 languages) for free.
(To take advantage of this offer one should and he/she will be provided with a special discount code.)

Good morning,
I would like to purchase the EB600T
I will be travelling to Bulgaria at the end of this month, and would require the item by then. What is the estimated delivery time for this item to Portsmouth, Hampshire.
Is there a stockist in my area or is this only mail order.
Are there any offers on this item to include power supply and computer link.
I look forward to your early reply.
Thank you
Ron Hunt
Morning Ron,
You can get the ECTACO Partner EB600T with £10 discount and we will also provide you with a special gift - PC link cable - for free.
Delivery takes three days and is also free.
Please place your order online at our secure site

Good morning!
Looking for help in which of the above to choose... im looking for one which will accomodate us well when we visit Poland this year as none of my relatives speak English... but we are also receiving letters from Poland just now which need translating?do you have a product which is able to full-fill both needs? Can i input Polish text for translating?
Im wondering if the 430T series is suitable? Dont wish to spend a fortune as may not be back again!! But never know...
Paul Bowden
Hi Paul,
We recommend the ECTACO Partner EP586HT - English <-> Polish Full Text Translation System with Organizer. It will automatically and quickly translate any Polish text into English, and vice versa.
If you are not sure you will need it in the future you could always give it to your relatives as a gift, so they can learn English!

You may pick any other dictionary to suit your needs, in one of the 35 languages available.

You may pick any translation software to suit your needs, in one of the 42 languages available.

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